Rethinking reputation – for the 21 Century

About Me

I consult on reputation risk for global corporations, institutions and countries.

I work with company executives, government officials, and elected representatives to help improve resilience, delivering stonger,  more competitive and more successful organisations.

Justin Doherty

About Thoughts Words and Deeds

I’m interested in actions, behaviour, intentions, and beliefs.  As well as words.  Because these are what determine how you are regarded by others.

In the past it was common practice for communications people to claim to be able to ‘manage reputation’ by means of clever PR campaigns.

Some nifty messaging, and some friendly stakeholders, would do the trick.

Not any more.

Nowadays, with 4.5Billion ‘stakeholders’ and the potential for each and every one of them to take an active interest in your activities – it is time to revisit the hackneyed models and tired assumptions of a bygone era.

From the Board to the frontline each and every person holds their organisation’s reputation in their hands.

Who is making the grade?  Who has fallen behind?  What are the new rules of the game?  How are we to rethink the approaches to protecting, building and sustaining reputation?

This blog explores thoughts, words and deeds – where they fall into line, and where they collide.